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Technology, its what we do.

Our team has put in the time and effort to rigorously develop and test systems for our clients. What we have developed is a state of the art, feature rich system that can be tailored to your request.

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No more PSK

In the past, most properties required two separate WiFi networks to use a radius style authentication. With WaveLink, you eliminate the need for multiple SSID's onsite. With individual passwords per unit, everything is kept secure, without the headache of multiple networks and device registration.


Onsite PBX and Analog phones are not only pricy, but difficult to manage and make changes. With Hosted VOIP through WaveLink, you get access to a full suite of features at the click of a button. Make changes on the fly, and keep business as usual, even when things are far from it.

The Best of TV

Live TV has evolved, and so has the way your residents receive it. WaveLink can offer a wide variety of distribution such as Residential Experience, IPTV Web Based Streaming, and Clear-QAM. Whatever the budget, or your buildings needs, WaveLink has an option.

Office Solutions

Workers are no longer just at one place, and now your organization can follow them too. WaveLink offers managed domain services, cloud file storage, and remote onboarding capabilities. Speak with us today so we can talk about the needs of your company, and make a plan that overcomes the challanges.

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